For Sale Hotel

For sale hotel

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We are owners of the hotel "Solar dos Marcos" willing to sell it
for 1.300.000 Euros.

Attached you find a summary document we have prepared about the hotel "Solar
dos Marcos" and the surrounding region.

We accept to pay 3% of the net final price to your company for your efforts
in searching a buyer or investor for the hotel. However non-exclusive.

You find more photos of the hotel at:



Name: Solar dos Marcos Localization: Santa Cruz Street, Village of Bemposta, Locality of Mogadouro Portugal Classification: Inn 4 stars; License of Tourist Use nº 54/2003; Management Company: Marcos & Marcos Hotelaria, Lda.; NIF: 503 774 359; Constituted at 11/11/1996; Proprietor: Adérito Fernandes Marcos and José António Fernandes Marcos Brief History: The Solar was constructed by adaptation of an existing building, brasonado (blazon of the Martins) and was habitation of D. Manuel Tame Martins, bishop of Guarda, natural of the village of Bemposta, who will have added it the chapel in honour of Holy Mary, already in the second half of XIX Century. Excellent Architectural Value: At 1996. the building has been classified with Excellent Architectural Value, by the General Directorate of Tourism; Architectural Project: Approved by General Directorate of Tourism in 09., Evaluation nº 291/96 de 09.; Procº HT-ET-10524-1.3. Ground area: 1080 m2 Total Construction area: 1665 m2 Area of Garden and internal accessing: 740 m2 Starting and concluding date of the construction: Jan. 1998; Dec. 2002; Opening date: Jul. 2002 (provisory); Jun. 2003 (effective); Relevant characteristics of the project: The current project integrates 8 double rooms (1 room adapted for handicapped), 1 suite, 1 extensible restaurant for up to 140, 1 bar, 1 multi-functional hall for 40 places, private garage covered for 13 places, private chapel and garden with swimming pool. The project still integrates a private accessing park that serve of access to the residence of the manager consisting of 1 dinning room, 1 kitchen, 2 rooms and 2 WC (1 with bathtub). By the localization of Hotel and the its topology of construction, it is possible to extend it by acquisition of adjacent old gardens and rural houses, however keeping the Hotel´s main entrance. Project potentialities: a) The Solar is located in the Nature Park of International Douro -PNDI), offering therefore excellent conditions for the development of a local tourist market, with special relevance for the Ecological Tourism (e.g. bird watching) and of Adventures. The Hotel is ones of the first of this kind in the area of the PNDI; b) Proximity to Spain (near the cities of Salamanca,,  Zamora and Formoselle), what it has allowed to attract Spanish tourists as customers, having into account over all the gastronomic aspect; c) Good internal road linkings and with Spain, benefiting of the existing roads and some that are under construction; d) The Solar is encircled with Zones of Hunting (including the wild boar) what it has allowed to catch the hunter as target customer; e) The Solar is situated in the proximity of the Douro river, what it has allowed to use the strolls in the river and by foot, guided or not, in the area of Arribas (edges of the Douro and typical villages of the neighbourhood), as activities of touristic animation; f) The Solar is installed in a classified building and with a own historical background, being that the chapel has also functioned as ex-libris, catching the attention of the guests and customers in general; g) The trade mark "Solar dos Marcos" has been registered next to the National Institute of Industrial Propriety Registering (INPI); h) The Solar has a presence in the Internet since May of 2002 at the address: . the Internet has been widely used for spreading of the activities and promotions of the Solar. Actual Status: The exploration of the Hotel is of the responsibility of the familiar company Marcos & Marcos Hotelaria, Lda. Since some 12 months now we have come to establish partnership agreements with some travel agencies, what has allowed to implement mixing packages (lodging, restoration and animation on the basis of strolls by foot in Arribas and by boat in the Douro river, as well as visiting Spain) of end-of-week and festive times. Clearly the factors of acceleration of the success of the Solar are identified: investment in the increase of the number of rooms, in equipment of tourist animation (mini-golf, own boat, 4x4 vehicles), in the marketing and publicity in Spain (over all) and Portugal; and the effective integration in international tourism circuits. The partners can not afford further investment, so that they are interested in finding an investing partner or proceeding by selling of the totality of the company and property. SALE OR INVESTMENT PROPOSAL: Sale / investment will be for 1.3 million EURO; The conditions of sale / investment are: a) the payment of a 30% entrance (390.000,00 EURO) -immediately -with signature of a contract of commitment; b) the payment of 70% (910.000,00 EURO) -with the signature of the final contract before a notary officer;

José Marcos;label=bemposta-yUHe4YATV7sFab_G8KesXwS404483871
Estalagem Solar dos Marcos ****
Rua de Santa Cruz
5200-055 Bemposta -Mogadouro
Parque Natural do Douro Internacional
(Arribas del Duero)
Fax: +351 279 570 019
Móv: +351 936 946 353

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